How to Make a Mobile Deposit

July 5, 2022 |
Article | 3 min
| Personal Insights

Deposit Your Next Check With Your Phone

Making a deposit with your phone is an easy process and will save you a trip to the bank. But, if you have never done this before it may be a bit intimidating. At First Bank & Trust, a division of HTLF Bank, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you - it's as simple as sign, tap, snap, deposit:

  • Sign: Sign and endorse check with “For Mobile Deposit Only.”
  • Tap: Tap “Deposit Check” in the app, enter the check amount and then select your account
  • Snap: Snap a picture of the front and back of your check
  • Deposit: Confirm the details, hit submit and you’re done!

We are in uncertain times and it’s important that you and your family stay healthy and safe. Consider depositing your next check through the First Bank & Trust, a division of HTLF Bank mobile app from the comfort of your home.