Keep Your Energy Focused on Fulfilling Your Mission

Economic conditions are constantly changing and for local nonprofits, we know that affects charitable giving, volunteerism and government funding. Our team of nonprofit experts are here to help you achieve your vision and serve the hearts of our communities. We will support your mission and stand beside you in service.

Achieving Community Engagement and Development

As a bank, we are deeply invested in every community we serve, and we understand the obstacles that come with serving others. We offer financial solutions and expertise to maximize capital campaigns, operating efficiencies and fundraising.

Featured Services

Deposit and Operating Accounts

Manage your cash flow fluctuations and sustainability

Working Capital and Financing

Fund growth, facility improvements and maximize capital campaigns

Treasury Management and Payment Solutions

Simplify donations and the collection of other receivables, add a recurring revenue stream and streamline payment processes

Our Commercial Banking Team is ready to help your business grow.

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